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The Big Beautiful Beach House, Porthpean

Last year marked a special milestone within our family, where both mum and dad turned 70!

To celebrate, our parents wanted nothing more than a big old family holiday, with their three kids, spouses and grandchildren.

The trouble is where on earth do you go that can accommodate 17 people?

The idea of going abroad was batted about… and then quickly quoshed… Too complicated…all those flights! And not to mention, expensive! Fortunately, my sister Kerry came up with a cracking find.

She’d been watching a film called ‘About Time’ (you may have seen it?) It features a stunning beach-house in Cornwall – one of our family’s favourite places on God’s beautiful earth. She googled the house, just to be nosy, and lo and behold, discovered it was available to hire out as a holiday home!

And so it was decided. Epic birthdays require epic locations! And so on Friday 19th Oct, the day before mum’s 70th, we all set off at the crack of dawn and made our way down to Porthpean, Cornwall.

What a place!

The Beach House was just incredible, from its huge and impressive hallway, to the many bedrooms and bathrooms that seemed to be tucked around every nook and corner of the house. An amazing place for kids of all ages to explore! And the gardens and view over Porthpean Bay were fantastic.

Porthpean Bay, bathed in sunlight
One of the many lovely bedrooms

It’s hard to adequately describe the excitement of our arrival, the joy of sorting out who’s room was where, and the utter fun and anticipation of this being our home, if only for a week! And then there was the arrival of the hugest grocery delivery ever seen! Enough food to sink a battleship, as dad would say!

We’ve arrived!

With our arrival afternoon taken up with the small feat of rustling up dinner for 17, we didn’t have a chance to venture onto the beach, which is accessible from the grounds of the house, until the following morning – where mum’s birthday was heralded by a glorious sunrise.

Early morning glory

Ever since the trip was planned, mum had been praying for good weather. And she got it! October 20th has never been so sunny, to the point where the youngest two cousins ended up stripping off for a sea-weedy dip in the sea.

The youngest two cousins, mum’s birthday morning

What wonderful memories for us all.

The birthday girl, (and boy) opening cards at breakfast

Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed this post. Hope you’ll join me next time, for more about beautiful Cornwall.

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  1. As always… a lovely blog with great photos! We love Cornwall too, and will be back at the end of October. Will try and get to Porthpean, from Looe. I must make time to read the blogs I’ve missed since summer. x

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