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Illuminations, Disneyland Park

One of the loveliest times to stroll down Mainstreet in Disneyland Park, is at nightfall – Once the heat of the day has subsided and all the shops have that cosy evening glow.

The illuminations start pretty late in August – at 11pm! And the crowds start gathering way before that. There is an awful lot of waiting around… But the good news is, (in my humble opinion), they are definitely worth the wait. And.. well.. there was this champagne cart…

The Fairy Tale Castle that everyone connects with Disneyland, serves as the perfect backdrop for the illuminations to be projected onto. But even before they begin, the castle is a source of fascination, with its ever changing hue as the darkness slowly draws in.

It’s so pretty, and magical. It kind of beckons you. It’s well worth a look inside too. There are some lovely shops… And some really lovely details that you’d miss from the outside.

The Christmas shop is a must see
My sister and I…

It’s hard to do the illuminations justice… You really have to see them! The castle takes on every hue and colour you could imagine! In sync with the emotive music, the castle tells all the major Disney stories… it becomes everything from an enchanted world beneath the sea, to a ballroom for Beauty and the Beast to swirl around… Its absolutely spectacular.

To finish, here are a few of my best shots… But they aren’t a patch on what you actually see when you’re there in person.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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