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Lovely Lazise – ‘Place on the Lake’

I knew I was going to fall in love with Lazise before I even got there.

When googling ‘great places to visit in Lake Garda,’ Lazise immediately went to the top of my list.

Pronounced ‘La-zise-ay,’ (‘if you please, eh?) this stunning little town, reminiscent of Venice, has got everything you could want in a slice of Italian charm!

  • Medieval walls
  • Amazing restaurants and shops
  • A picturesque harbour
  • Olive groves – providing local wine and olive oil
  • Great views of the lake

In fact, we loved it so much, we went there twice! The first time, we took a boat from Pescheira del Garda – a wonderful option – as you get to see two gorgeous towns in one day!

Our second visit was a quick nip back for lunch on our last day in Lake Garda – it was Nathan’s birthday, our flight was at 7pm, and we couldn’t resist the chance to celebrate in style!

So I have plenty of pictures to share with you. And as a picture speaks a thousand words, I’ll try and stick to the first rule of writing: ‘show, don’t tell’.

The boat from Pescheira Del Garda takes about 25 minutes and operates an hourly service
First glimpse of Lazise
What’s not to love?

Harbour & History

Historically, Lazise’s harbour would have been an important place of trade. Nowaday’s it’s an idyllic place to sit and watch the world go by.

In the 14th Century, the Della Scalla family built walls around Lazise to fortify the town. There is still a castle in Lazise, but you can only view it from the outside, as apparently, somebody lives in it! Remnants of these old walls are all over the place, and really add to Lazise’s unique character and charm.

Shopping for Souvenirs?

If you’re looking to take back a few souvenirs or gifts, then Lazise is a good place to look. It has some great shops – particularly if you’re a foodie.

Outside a charming Lavender shop

Perfect Birthday Lunch

We would highly recommend lunch or dinner in the Hotel Classique’s rooftop restaurant. It offers a shady, elevated terrace with wonderful views of the Lake – and the food is good too – and surprisingly not too pricy.

Hotel Classique’s Terrace, overlooking the Lake – a great place to dine
Tuna Salad and a glass of Prosecco – what more can a woman want?
Bar at Hotel Classique

Hopefully by now, I’ve convinced you that if you’re ever in Lake Garda, make a visit to Lazise. It’s a very special place that we will remember for many years to come.

Quick birthday photo

And so it’s farewell, beautiful Lake Garda, if only we could haved stayed a little longer…

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