I Married A Travel Agent.

The Adventures of a (once) Reluctant Traveller

Cycling to Sirmione

“Let’s cycle to Sirmione!” they said.

“It’ll be fun!” they said, browsing through the Lake Garda travel guide.

The Longest Ride

What we didn’t really know was that it would prove to be a somewhat arduous 20 mile-round-trip, in 30 degree heat! Plus we’d already walked 8,000 steps from the camp-site into Peschiera, along a meandering lakeside path, to find the ‘Bike ‘n’ Foot’ cycle hire shop. It cost 25 euros each for 3 days cycle hire.

A flower-covered bridge in Peschiera
Arch-way into Pescheira

By the time we got back to the camp-site, I had reached the absolute limits of my physical endurance. My quads were burning, my neck and shoulders were tense from gripping the handle-bars, and I was absolutely done for!


But it was totally worth it. Sirmione is a stunning town, full of narrow, atmospheric streets and an impressive Medieval Castle called Scaligeri.

Scaligeri Castle13th Century Port Fortificatiom

Entrance into the town of Sirmione is through the old castle drawbridge.

But before this, we stopped for a refreshing drink of home-made lemonade at a street stall by the entrance. All that cycling had made us thirsty! The views were incredibly picturesque. Lake Garda is a ‘flowers everywhere’ kind of place.

Swans and flowers
Lemonade, freshly squeezeddelicious!

As Sirmione is such a pretty place, it can get rather crowded, but it really is a must see if you’re visiting Lake Garda.

Narrow bustling streets

There are all manner of charming shops, cafes and boutiques and literally dozens of Gelato shops, selling enormous colourful cornets.

The cycle back was tough-going. Nathan is an experienced cyclist, commuting 10 miles by bike in and out of London several times a week. His bike was fitted with a child seat to carry Emily, who thought it was great fun whizzing about! Lydia did fantastically well and cycled with real confidence.

I however, was constantly lagging behind the others, to the point where we agreed to go at our own pace and meet at the halfway point, on the bridge in Pescheira. One sweetener on the long trek back was passing by some amazing photo opportunities. ..

A restaurant with a jetty that we passed on our return

On the bridge in Pescheira, there was a slight hiccup with Emily experiencing a sudden nosebleed, perhaps brought on by the heat. Kind passers-by supplied us with a wad of tissues!

But at around 7pm, we eventually made it, relatively unscathed and suitability victorious, back to the campsite!

What an incredibly action-packed first day! I wonder where we’ll go tomorrow!

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4 replies

  1. Do you want to trade lives?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Every picture looks postcard worthy. I can’t wait to be there now, and take in all the beauty. I’m not sure we’ll hire bikes – however if I show Neil this blog, he’ll insist we do, so I’ll be keeping it a secret for now. 🙂 We’ll be staying 30mins from Peschiera, so will definitely see Sirmione. We’re driving to Padua because I’m a little obsessed with St. Anthony, and if we’re going that far, we may as well go to Venice. I cannot wait! And I’ll be looking at your blog everyday x

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s the most incredibly picture postcard type of place, everywhere you look you’ll be wanting to take a photo! It’s full of flowers and oozes charm. Pescheira is a must. Lasize is stunning, as is Sirmione. The bikes are a great idea, as there are so many cycle routes by the lake – but I did get a bit tired!! An alternative is that you can catch a ferry to most places and can hop off and on. It’s quite affordable. Haven’t visited St. Anthony, will check it out on line. Oh my, you are gonna love it here. Six days was just a snapshot, haven’t seen the half of it. Its beautiful.


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