I Married A Travel Agent.

The Adventures of a (once) Reluctant Traveller

Eurocamp, Lake Garda

Happy Campers!

This week, with two of our kids away camping , the other four of us thought we’d do the same!

I must be honest here: there are a few differences to bear in mind… Samuel and Grace, obviously much braver than us, are sleeping under canvass, beneath the fresh, open skies of the Norfolk Showground in the UK. They are sleeping on lilos, zipped up like little caterpillars in their sleeping bags, washing up in plastic bowls, and queuing up to shower in a communal block. Samuel and Grace are hardcore!

The other four of us are ‘glamping’ in a chalet style mobile home, in Pacengo, a little town on the outskirts of Lake Garda, Italy.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Our flight, yesterday morning, was at 8am, so we were up with the lark at 4:45 am. After a very easy two-hour flight, we landed in Verona at around 11am.

We decided to take a train from Verona to Pacengo, which sounds easy in theory, but ended up being a bit of a faff – considering the camp site is only half an hour away by taxi.

First, after collecting our baggage, we had to jump on a bus which dropped us outside Verona’s main train station.

Next, after a 40 min wait, we set off on a pleasant train ride, through wonderful olive groves and other crop farms to a place called Peschiera del Garda.

Next, after a great deal of confusion and directions from a helpful local, it was another 10 min bus ride to Pacengo.

Then finally, after initially heading to the wrong campsite, it was a short walk, courtesy of Google maps, to Eurocamp.

Phew! Just over Two and a half hours later, with the kids hot, bothered and losing the will to live, we arrived! Hats off to my Travel Agent husband for dragging our cases the entire journey.

Our home for the next few days…

We spent our first afternoon unpacking, buying supplies from the camp-site shop and generally getting acquainted with the Chalet facilities.


The Eurocamp Chalets are equipped with running water, gas from the main town supply, a fridge and a working electrical supply- albeit, you can only use one main appliance at any one time.

The chalets are small, but clean, and pretty well stocked with crockery, and kitchen paraphernalia. You need to bring your own fitted sheets and towels, but the beds are fairly comfortable.

Chalet kitchen

Chalets range in size, but ours has two bedrooms, one with a double bed and the other, two singles.

My favourite feature is the deck area, equipped with table and chairs – great for a spot of early morning sunshine, or playing board-games and cards.

This morning I learned how to make Espresso, Italian style, in a ‘Moka, ‘ a kind of stove-top filter jug. You learn something new everyday!

But the main highlight, of course, is the beautiful Lake Garda, which I cannot wait to explore! Here are a few snaps I took last night from a restaurant we found at the bottom of the campsite. We didn’t stay out long as poor little Emily was almost beside herself with tiredness. Tomorrow we are thinking of hiring some bikes and cycling around one of the many lake trails.

Sunlit bench

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