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Crystal Cove – Then & Now

Crystal Cove is a very special place to me.

In 2003, Nathan and I stayed at Crystal Cove along with my parents, when our firstborn twins were just bonny, bouncing babies. If you had told me back then, that one day we would return to Crystal Cove with two more daughters in tow, I would have been tickled pink!

Nathan with Samuel & Lydia, aged 11 mths, Crystal Cove, 2003

A few years after that initial visit, in December 2006, my brother John got married at Crystal Cove. It was a truly beautiful wedding!

Fond memories of a very happy occasion

I’ll never forget how it absoutely poured with rain just as Duyal, his beautiful bride, was about to walk down the aisle (or in this case, come sweeping, romantically, across the white bridge).

The good thing about Barbados, is that it can hammer down hard for a few minutes, but then as quickly as the deluge arrives, suddenly the clouds will part, and the hot sun beams down once again!

Parish of St. James

Crystal Cove is located in the popular Parish of St. James, on the Central Western Coast of Barbados. St. James is renowned for being the ‘go-to’ place for the rich and famous, with lots of swanky hotels and apartments. The prestigious Sandy Lane, in Paynes Bay, is not too far away from Crystal Cove. But Crystal Cove, has an understated elegance. Despite being an exclusive, boutique style hotel, it’s incredibly welcoming and homely.

It was such a treat to be able to take our family back, some sixteen or so years later, to visit for the day.†††

The twins may have changed dramatically over the years, but the hotel hasn’t. In fact, we couldn’t believe it when we spotted one of the same waitresses still serving tables at lunch time! She recognised us too!

Crystal Cove – The perfect place for little paddlers

We noticed on arrival, the addition of a chic new coffee house. There were also a few improvements to the restaurant and pool areas and to the beach itself.

But it was lovely to see that Crystal Cove had retained all of it’s original charm – the perfectly manicured lawns and flower beds, the pretty pastel accent colours of the balconies and balistrades, which beautifully compliment the calm and tranquil waters that lay beyond.

Young children, who might not be strong swimmers, can paddle quite safely in the shallows, or improve their swimming skills, snorkelling by the rocks where there are an abundance of interesting little fish to spot!

It’s also a great place for the more relaxed watersports.

Grace & Emily enjoy a paddle

My only regret was that we didn’t have more time here! I sincerely hope that some day we can return, perhaps for another special occasion, (who knows, maybe even another wedding?) – in years to come.

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