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Breakfast At Turtle Beach

It was our first morning, waking up in Barbados. We stirred early, not long after the sun had come creeping up.   I’m not sure if it was excitement, or our body clocks being out of sync. But, I didn’t mind. To me, there’s something really special about getting up early on holiday, when there’s not another living soul around.  Admitedly, it’s much easier to accomplish, when you jump out of bed to views like this:

It was lovely to open our balcony doors and watch the place gradually coming to life. The gardeners were pottering about, clearing Palm leaves and raking the sand.

Early Morning View

We peeked into the adjoining room, to find our three teenagers absolutely blotto. We invited them for a walk on the beach, but not surprisingly, there were no takers. And so Nathan, Emily and I…plus Winnie The Pooh, set off for a stroll alone, letting sleeping teens lie.  The beach was ours for the taking – and the sweet morning air smelt like freedom.


We walked along in the shallows, flip-flops in our hands, soon shrugging off yesterday’s long flight.  We walked past various hotels and peered into a lovely dining room where tables were being laid up for breakfast.  We spotted crabs, and Emily collected shells.  We walked and talked and marvelled at a very bendy Palm Tree. Beats the morning school run!

Bendy Palm

We went as far as we could go, until the waves became impassable, and then we turned around and headed back again.  By this time, the sun was getting higher and hotter, and hotel guests were beginning to head down to the beach for a morning dip. 

Early Morning Stroll
We went as far as we could go…

With all that fresh air in our lungs, we began to anticipate food. It was time to go and wake up the teenagers.


Breakfast was amazing – everything you could possibly want. There were pancakes with syrup, great bowls of luscious fruit, a fantastic egg station, with a very patient egg chef who cooked eggs any way you wanted them, bacon, hash browns, toasts, cereals, cold meats and salads – and on some mornings, even fried Flying Fish, which is a Bajun Speciality. And of course, endless cups of tea and coffee or fruit juices. It’s always tempting on the first day to go completely crazy, sampling everything! The kids definitely had eyes bigger than their stomachs, loading their plates with piles of bacon, eggs and toast! Turtle Beach offers an all inclusive dining package, which is a relief when you have four hungry gannets wanting endless drinks and ice-creams.

Half Moon Coffee Shop & Deli

Another lovely perk about Turtle Beach, is the Half Moon Coffee Shop & Deli. It’s open throughout the day, serving a variety of light snacks, plus all sorts of coffees, including lattes, cappucinos, and iced frappes. There’s also an ice-cream bar, where the kids can grab a whole range of flavours and fun toppings any time they like. This is all part of the all-inclusive eating experience so the only thing you have to worry about, is the calories!

Freddie Flying Fish Kid’s Club

After breakfast, we also discovered The Freddie Flying Fish Kid’s Club.  Now, I’ve always been a bit reluctant to leave my child anywhere unless I absolutely have to.  But the staff and activites at Freddie’s soon won me over.  Emily LOVED it! 

The Staff were extremely accommodating and the daily programme was phenomenal, with activities such as Sand Art, Baking, Face Painting, Nature Walks, Cricket on the beach and my favourite idea: Pyjama and movie night, with cookies and hot chocolate!  They had table tennis and table football, plus X Box and plenty of board games too. 

Kids Club became an absolute God-send at around midday where the sun was just getting much too hot for the kids.  The air conditioned room was ideal, and felt safe and secure, with an excellent signing in and out system.  It was also a God-send for parents, offering a much needed break from Pool-Watch duties, and giving you time to just relax and read a book for a while! 

Not a bad place to sit and read a book

God bless Juliette, Sonia, Erlyn, Clair, Sherrie, Heather, Brianne and Racheda for all the time and enthusiasm you put into Kids Club!

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