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Cycling to Guincho Beach

One of the highlights of our short stay in Cascais was a 7.5km cycle to Guincho, a wild and windswept Atlantic-facing beach.

Windy Beach

We’d noticed the cycle paths clearly marked out as we walked around Cascais.  Being August, the Cascais beaches were packed – not ideal with a six year old in tow – so a cycle ride seemed like the perfect solution, a great way to escape the crowds and explore a bit more of the Lisbon coastline.

Cycle to Guincho beach

We found a good Cycle Hire shop, down by the Cascais Marina, and quickly got organised with suitable bicycles and a pull-along wagon for Emily.

Harbour 2

Emily was delighted with her little ‘tent on wheels,’ which even came with a handy pouch for her beloved Winnie The Pooh, who comes with us on all our adventures! He’s a very well-travelled Bear!


What a wonderful way to explore, whizzing about with the wind in your hair!  It was an immensely uplifting experience!  The coastline was breathtaking – the sun glinting on the ocean and all around you the intense blue of sea and sky.  For me, cycling always brings a real feeling of freedom, of being able to see things first hand, not cooped up inside a hot stuffy car, at the mercy of traffic.

We arrived at Guincho, ready for refreshment – secured our bikes, and set off down a flight of wooden steps to explore.


The beach had an incredibly rugged feel, with a powerful breeze off the Atlantic.

Wild hair

Wild hair!

The bracing wind was invigorating and the scenery was stunning, with some great sand-dunes to climb over!


Guincho cafe

All that cycling made us hungry!  We found the perfect pit-stop on the beach, where we enjoyed a toasted sandwich, a basket of chips and an ice-cream!  What a fantastic day out!

Later that evening, after we’d returned our bicycles and freshened up, we took a taxi back along the coastline, to a restaurant that we’d spied out on our way back.  Os Prazeres da Carne treats the diner to stunning views over the Atlantic, and the food and wine were absolutely superb!


Even though we only spent a few days in Portugal, I found it a beautiful and beguiling country – and I definitely want to see more!



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