I Married A Travel Agent.

The Adventures of a (once) Reluctant Traveller

Early Birds

 WHAT is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare? 

W.H. Davis

After twenty-four hours of being stuck in our room, we awoke early and left before sunrise, anxious not to miss another moment of our short stay on this extraordinary island.  There were no signs of life, apart from some rather noisy birds, chirping endlessly in the lush greenery around us.  Flowers bloomed in all their brilliance, bidding us good morning.  My senses were on overdrive.  Everything looked so fresh, so perfect.

Our grumbling empty tummies soon led us to Café Huura, the impressive pool-side restaurant where breakfast would soon be served.

maldives.com maldives.com

An inviting entrance, adorned with large urns, welcomed us into a Maldivian style Pavilion.  Ornate pillars and archways fashioned from wooden lattice-work added depth and character.  This place was stunning.  But there was more to come.  Beyond all of this, we were met with quite a sight…

What a sight!



Early morning Silhouettes


Too early for breakfast, we wandered onto the empty beach.  We sat there for a moment, drinking everything in.  The powdery white sand, the ever changing hue of the sky and sea in the silvery morning light, the constant drawing in and out of the ocean – like breathing.

Golden moments like these are all too rare.  They are a gift.

Time to gaze at the horizon.  To notice how the sand feels on the soles of your feet.  To watch a funny little crab, that you thought was just a pebble, suddenly sprout legs and skuttle off across the beach.

The chance to step outside of your life and really see it. To take stock of your priorities and gain fresh perspective.

Moments like these can strike any place, any time – So be on the lookout today!  A beautiful sunrise.  An unexpected rainbow.  A cup of coffee with a friend.  A spontaneous walk in the woods.

And when they come (often, once they have been and gone), you know that they have done you good.




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